GD-Sharp is a .NET wrapper for the GD Library, developed with mono for Linux and Windows. It is written in C# and it uses GD 2.x and it can be downloaded from here.

It started mainly as an attempt to learn more about mono and the interop. It works with Linux out-of-the-box. In order to use it with Windows, bgd.dll has to be installed from the GD homepage ( and the steps bellow to build it for Windows have to be followed.

GD-Sharp contains a sample GDDemo.cs, that is actually the counterpart of gddemo.c that is included in the GD package and when run it generates a couple of pictures.

Credits and Thanks to the following Contributors:
* Chris Turchin: added support for saving to streams usefull for ASP.NET
* Kevin Tam: added support for animated GIF, bug fixing, VS.NET support and lots of other small things. :) (Check out his page).
* Георгий Драк: added support for missing GIF API.

GD-Sharp is free software, licenced under the GNU GPL.

Building & Installing:

To compile GD-Sharp mono is required (0.31 at least). First unpack it and in the GD-Sharp directory type:

make install

This will build everything and install only the library into /usr/lib

If you only want to build it type:


To uninstall it type:

make uninstall

If you want to generate Windows binaries and you ar using Linux then type:

make win

For Windows users there are the VS.NET Project Files added by Kevin Tam.


In case you don't want to build them by yourself the binaries of GD-Sharp are in the package included. Included are also the GD binary files (Linux & Windows).

Depending on the OS you are using you have to rename the XX.GD-Import.dll to GD-Import.dll

Copyright by Mircea-Cristian Racasan